Apple delay Leopard…turning into Microsoft?

i’m an apple convert. come to expect them shipping cool stuff on time. so when they announce that leopard is slipping by 4 months it irks me. not because i can’t wait for the app, but because the immediate thought that hit me was…

oh no they are turning into microsoft. this is the first sign…

the press release says something akin to needing engineering and QA people to get the iPhone out of the door. whoah, what about us humble Mac users. so, maybe this is another sign…chasing the mighty greenback at the expense of their loyal computer users.

i’m pretty sure jobs et al could muster up some extra bodies to test leopard. they reckon it will be finished by june, but not QA’d. i cry b*llshit…face it, they are biting of more than they can chew.

ok, so the delay isn’t years a la vista, but it is interesting that when microsoft slip a product all hell breaks loose, yet when apple do it, it’s ok. oh well, that’s life Bill.


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