ethical blogging…post Sierra

this is the last comment i’m going to make about Kathy Sierra, well at least that’s the plan.

would a simple ‘blog ethic’ statement on our blogs help avoid issues like this? sure we all have a brief description about what the blog is focused on, but what about the ethical standpoint of the author(s)?

it could be whatever we wanted it to be, but perhaps if it was searchable/tagged this would help our readers identify and subscribe to blogs based on the ethics stated by the author. i’m thinking out loud here so humor me…

what would mine say? in five lines…

– i don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind, either in my posts or received comments.
– if i feel violated by comments i receive in any way, i will NOT keep this to myself…i will raise awareness to this
– i’m responsible for everything that is stated on this blog, including the moderation of comments
– the views on this blog are not influenced by any organisation, person or affiliation to anyone. they are my own.
– i endeavor to research all my sources and avoid plagiarism…

how would i tag my blog ethics? could technorati et al make them searchable? is this already happening and my head is in the sand?? or is it all implicit and therefore highly flawed?


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