kathy’s plight…is silence the answer?

i’m adding my not inconsiderable weight (at least in the physical sense) to the raging torrent that is ‘kathygate’. kathy sierra is a well respected voice of the blogosphere. although i have never personally met her i have come to respect her views and believe that she has blazed a trail in this wild frontier.

but there’s a problem. kathy claims to have received both sexual and death threats from other bloggers, some well known and some not so…or maybe just some random people using pseudonyms. i guess we’ll find out in due course.

robert scoble has stopped blogging for a week. others think we should follow and tag our posts accordingly. i’ve decided that i’ll start a new blog.

why? because it’s too important an issue to stop blogging. what does silence bring us? what does our silence say to those who have blighted kathy’s life? it doesn’t say enough. not only that it deprives others of many of the great voices that have shaped the blogosphere.

i can’t pretend to know what is going on here, i am removed from it and cannot decipher the details, but i’m deeply disturbed at this turn of events. i guess it was a matter of time before the blogworld was faced with a suitably horrible incident such as this and perhaps this will show the way forward for how we all deal with it. for we all have a part to play, this is our world – not controlled by media moguls (try as they might) and we can shape it. we have to.

so, i say more is better. we are on the cusp of social computing being a great force in the world. let’s not let a few spoil it for the many.

hell, i don’t know if i’m right or wrong, but that’s the point. i do know that what is happening to kathy is wrong and it must be deeply disturbing for her. let’s support her through the way we know best.

blog on my scriggety’s, blog on.


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