Twitter; nuisance or necessary?

i’ve been using twitter for quite some time. i go through phases of twittering a lot and then not. i can’t decide whether it is nuisance or necessary.

but this is the rub. obvious have hit upon something that is quite brilliant. i can’t decide whether it is a waste of time, yet i continue to ‘waste’ my time using it. more than that, i find it somewhat therapeutic to offer up my random thoughts and musings to an equally random world of listeners.

the furore that surrounded twitter at SXSW was testament too…but that could have been because there was little else of note there? i wasn’t present so i speak w/o authority.

i’m sure the confounded thing (which i say with love) has some very real applications too…not just in generating noise.


Apple delay Leopard…turning into Microsoft?

i’m an apple convert. come to expect them shipping cool stuff on time. so when they announce that leopard is slipping by 4 months it irks me. not because i can’t wait for the app, but because the immediate thought that hit me was…

oh no they are turning into microsoft. this is the first sign…

the press release says something akin to needing engineering and QA people to get the iPhone out of the door. whoah, what about us humble Mac users. so, maybe this is another sign…chasing the mighty greenback at the expense of their loyal computer users.

i’m pretty sure jobs et al could muster up some extra bodies to test leopard. they reckon it will be finished by june, but not QA’d. i cry b*llshit…face it, they are biting of more than they can chew.

ok, so the delay isn’t years a la vista, but it is interesting that when microsoft slip a product all hell breaks loose, yet when apple do it, it’s ok. oh well, that’s life Bill.

the bloggers code of conduct…

it didn’t take long. as the kathy sierra incident dies down and the blogosphere gets back to business as usual, those who see themselves as influential in this world kick off their bloggers code of conduct campaign.

what a crock of 5h1t.

as i posted earlier, if people want to have an ethical statement about their blog posted somewhere on it, let them do it. if they don’t, fine. blogs represent individuality, personality, freedom of thought…not shoehorning us all to behave in a certain way.

why are you trying to strangle us?

i suppose the great democracy that is the blogosphere will determine whether they think this is a good idea…and then those who want to sign up can do so. the rest of us…we’ll just carry on…

at the end of the day, nobody can be forced into signing up to something they don’t agree with. i think they are going to find out that they have seriously misjudged what they helped to make so great. how ironic.

web2.0 virtual reality…Reboot

I’m thinking of heading to reboot. not been before, nor have i had the chance to go to lift. i did get to Shift last year…my one and only foray into conferences since i worked in IT.

anyway, i’m looking for your thoughts on reboot.  it seems to be the premier conference for us webtwoheads, but copenhagen isn’t renowned for its frugality, so i need to be sure that it is worth shelling out for. please share the wisdom, my friends.

copenhagen is a wonderful city though.  prob worth it just to go back there. may even check out who is on at the KB Hallen that weekend.

ethical blogging…post Sierra

this is the last comment i’m going to make about Kathy Sierra, well at least that’s the plan.

would a simple ‘blog ethic’ statement on our blogs help avoid issues like this? sure we all have a brief description about what the blog is focused on, but what about the ethical standpoint of the author(s)?

it could be whatever we wanted it to be, but perhaps if it was searchable/tagged this would help our readers identify and subscribe to blogs based on the ethics stated by the author. i’m thinking out loud here so humor me…

what would mine say? in five lines…

– i don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind, either in my posts or received comments.
– if i feel violated by comments i receive in any way, i will NOT keep this to myself…i will raise awareness to this
– i’m responsible for everything that is stated on this blog, including the moderation of comments
– the views on this blog are not influenced by any organisation, person or affiliation to anyone. they are my own.
– i endeavor to research all my sources and avoid plagiarism…

how would i tag my blog ethics? could technorati et al make them searchable? is this already happening and my head is in the sand?? or is it all implicit and therefore highly flawed?

the blog code of conduct…can we resist the urge?

Just read the BBC’s initial analysis of kathygate…which popped up an interesting point.

“others are discussing the need for a bloggers code of conduct” something that Euan Semple has picked up on here (wonderfully dealt with such ascerbic wit). There’s obviously a discussion going on here, but amidst all the sh1t that is flying maybe it is hard to discern, or maybe i’m just not reading the right stuff!

but surely there’s an implicit code already in place. the sociology of blogging encourages it and the technology helps to enforce it and it is simple. “you are responsible for your words”.

do we need more than that? Even if we did, could we realistically expect the blogosphere to flourish with draconian measures to restrict what we say, when and about whom? Would it ever be enforceable (cue: startups feverish attempts to fill a void that doesn’t need filling)?

chris locke, who is at the centre of the kathygate storm, states he has subscribed to this for years and his response to the allegations against him is frank and honest, and clearly demonstrates that mantra in his post. there’s no shirking from what he said, but a defence based on setting straight what he did say, what he didn’t and what he could and couldn’t control. props to rageboy for that.

there’s no doubt that kathy sierra has been wronged here. but a witchunt ain’t gonna solve it, just the same as it doesn’t really solve much anywhere else in the world. of course some seek and flourish based on the anonymity of blogging and will use it negatively, but isn’t that just reflecting society in general?

let’s get back to the basic premise…resist this urge to censor and stifle the creativity, freedom of expression and wonderful debate that has built the blogosphere. if not, we’ll surely kill it.

kathy’s plight…is silence the answer?

i’m adding my not inconsiderable weight (at least in the physical sense) to the raging torrent that is ‘kathygate’. kathy sierra is a well respected voice of the blogosphere. although i have never personally met her i have come to respect her views and believe that she has blazed a trail in this wild frontier.

but there’s a problem. kathy claims to have received both sexual and death threats from other bloggers, some well known and some not so…or maybe just some random people using pseudonyms. i guess we’ll find out in due course.

robert scoble has stopped blogging for a week. others think we should follow and tag our posts accordingly. i’ve decided that i’ll start a new blog.

why? because it’s too important an issue to stop blogging. what does silence bring us? what does our silence say to those who have blighted kathy’s life? it doesn’t say enough. not only that it deprives others of many of the great voices that have shaped the blogosphere.

i can’t pretend to know what is going on here, i am removed from it and cannot decipher the details, but i’m deeply disturbed at this turn of events. i guess it was a matter of time before the blogworld was faced with a suitably horrible incident such as this and perhaps this will show the way forward for how we all deal with it. for we all have a part to play, this is our world – not controlled by media moguls (try as they might) and we can shape it. we have to.

so, i say more is better. we are on the cusp of social computing being a great force in the world. let’s not let a few spoil it for the many.

hell, i don’t know if i’m right or wrong, but that’s the point. i do know that what is happening to kathy is wrong and it must be deeply disturbing for her. let’s support her through the way we know best.

blog on my scriggety’s, blog on.

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